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Anxiety Self-Management Programme

Self-Management Programmes (SMPs)


Catherine's Self-Management Programmes consist of six fortnightly 1:1 sessions combining psychotherapy with psychoeducation within a holistic framework of interventions for personal growth and self-development.  The SMPs can be completed as a standalone programme within 12 weeks; they can also become part of a longer or open-ended therapy programme.  The option for further sessions following completion of an SMP can be explored at any point throughout the programme.


Combining her expertise in integrative psychotherapy and behaviour change research, Catherine has developed self-management programmes incorporating theory and practice, skilfully tailored to her clients’ therapeutic and psychoeducational needs.  In her delivery of these programmes, Catherine is collaborative in her approach and encourages clients to be active participants in a process of self-exploration and change.


Catherine is currently offering her Anxiety+ Self-Management Programme which is available to adults (age 18+) on an individual (1:1) basis with sessions taking place online via zoom, or in person from her private therapy room in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. See below for more information.


Anxiety+ Self-Management Programme

Catherine will work with you on a 1:1 basis over a course of 6 fortnightly sessions to explore your experiences of anxiety past and present, facilitate understanding of your anxiety, and deliver a programme that is tailored to your specific self-management and psychoeducational needs.  While the details of the programme will differ for each client, below is a brief outline of the focus for each session.


Session 1: Initial Consultation and Clinical Assessment (incl. discussion of pre-assessment measures)
Session 2: Understanding your anxiety Part I (psychological and relational features)
Session 3: Understanding your anxiety Part II (neuro-biophysiological features)
Session 4: Management Strategies Part I (exploring expectations & developing strategies)
Session 5: Management Strategies Part II (preparing for change)
Session 6: Follow up and Next steps....


When you book your initial session, you will be invited to complete a pre-assessment questionnaire (including anxiety and related measures).  You will have an opportunity to explore the findings from these collaboratively in your initial consultation and assessment session.

You can book and pay for your 6 sessions individually, or if you prefer to pay for the programme in advance you can select this option when you book Session 1 below.

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