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Tele-Therapy Policy (v. 2.5)

This page provides details about therapy sessions via telephone or video-conferencing platforms. Please consider the following information so we can both work to ensure that the online therapy process remains confidential and effective. Throughout your course of therapy we will review your experience of remote therapy and make any changes required.



1. Please do all that you can to find a private and undisturbed place for our sessions. If you feel confident that you cannot be overheard, you will be able to engage in the session more fully. You may need to be creative about finding a confidential space, perhaps even sitting outside in the car, if you have one.

2. We will both agree not to make any kind of recording of sessions conducted by phone or video-link.

3. You are responsible for the security of your devices, employing password-protection, having regularly updated virus-checkers and firewalls installed etc. (Please discuss any concerns with me).

4. I will ensure that the space I use for remote therapy is private and that my devices are secure at all times as above.



In the event that we lose our connection due to technological difficulties, I will always attempt to re-establish the connection. If this is not possible, I will contact you by an alternative method (e.g. email or phone) to either continue the session or reschedule.  For online sessions I use Zoom - an online platform which has end-to-end encryption.  Please let me know if you would like to discuss the use of other secure platforms.



Meeting me online or by phone from your home environment may lead to the process feeling informal, which may, in turn, affect how you prepare for and experience our meetings. It can help the therapy process if you take the following steps:

1. Turn off other devices (such as phones, TV) during our session to minimise distractions.

2. Set up a space where you can sit comfortably for the duration of the session, preferably with your device supported hands-free, and for online sessions - set up so that you remain clearly visible with adequate lighting and without needing to make adjustments as we talk.

3. It is helpful if you refrain from eating or drinking (other than water) during the sessions and commit to the agreed timings and session duration.

4. Please put all other activities aside so that you can focus on the session.


Tele-therapy experience

Engaging in psychotherapy by telephone or video-link for the first time can seem daunting. Telephone or web-cam conversations can sometimes feel different in both pace and tone. However, quite often clients can find talking and expressing themselves online easier than they imagined. If you feel uncomfortable about being online or speaking over the phone at any time during a session, please let me know so we can talk about this; sometimes, acknowledging and sharing how you are feeling about the session can reduce some of the anxiety you might be experiencing.


If you have any questions please contact me via email: or raise your questions with me at our next session.




Tele-Therapy Policy 22.02.2023 Version 2.5

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